Potato latkes, oven-fried


Hanukkah is such a wonderful holiday! A celebration of miracles. A time to light up the dark winter nights with beautiful candles, blessings and songs. And what could be better than a holiday that encourages the eating of delicious fatty fried foods? Potato latkes are a traditional food served on Hanukkah (alongside applesauce and sour cream), and though they are typically deep-fried, the idea of standing over a frying pan with oil splattering everywhere just doesn’t appeal to me. Oven-frying them gives you a very tasty result with less grease and less mess. Adapted and gluten-free-ified from this food.com recipe. One batch makes about 18 latkes. Happy Hanukkah!

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The end of procrastination


I’ve been obsessed with food since I was oh, about 8 years old, probably earlier. My parents and sister and extended family good-naturedly put up with many years of experimentation and crazy kitchen messes. Now I’m older (still not sure if I feel fully grown up yet) and cooking is still my creative outlet. I’m convinced it is one of the things that has kept me from losing my sanity through way too many years of school and medical training. I’m an avid food blog reader and have been fantasizing about having my own food blog for a while now. Not a super-polished one with professional-camera pics – just a casual, fun one. With delicious, veggie-glorious, healthy recipes. So here goes… 🙂