Stuffed poblano peppers


This dish is a healthier variation on classic chiles rellenos, and it has become a beloved favorite in our house. The last time I ate the deep-fried originals was in Mexico City many years ago – and as my Grandma can attest, I was awake the entire night with heartburn…that was when I knew there had to be a better way! These spicy-sweet peppers are stuffed with a delicious mix of corn, zucchini, pinto beans and cheese (I used vegan cheese which works great). Satisfies many cravings in one hearty dish, and you won’t feel gross after eating them! Serves 4.

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Potato latkes, oven-fried


Hanukkah is such a wonderful holiday! A celebration of miracles. A time to light up the dark winter nights with beautiful candles, blessings and songs. And what could be better than a holiday that encourages the eating of delicious fatty fried foods? Potato latkes are a traditional food served on Hanukkah (alongside applesauce and sour cream), and though they are typically deep-fried, the idea of standing over a frying pan with oil splattering everywhere just doesn’t appeal to me. Oven-frying them gives you a very tasty result with less grease and less mess. Adapted and gluten-free-ified from this recipe. One batch makes about 18 latkes. Happy Hanukkah!

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My favorite potato salad


As someone who never developed much of a taste for classic American food, I find potato salad oddly crave-worthy (who are we kidding here, if you’ve been reading this blog you know I love all things potato). There is just something so good and comforting about consuming starchy potato in its various wonderful forms, especially in the winter time! This recipe comes together quickly, counterbalancing the starchiness with just the right amount of bite (thanks to the onions and pickles), and is finished off with fresh dill and a nice mustardy dressing. Serves 3-4.

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Glass noodle snap pea stir fry


I couldn’t help but buy these glass noodles made from sweet potato starch that I saw at my local Korean market – had to try them, and really liked them! This recipe is quick to throw together, and features some crisp fresh veggies (sugar snap peas, sweet yellow baby bell pepper, and grape tomatoes) and is finished off with a light coconut-peanut sauce with a nice sriracha kick. A satisfying one-bowl dinner, easy and perfect for a weeknight. Serves 4-6.  If you can’t find sweet potato glass noodles, you could easily substitute mung bean threads or rice noodles which are easier to come by.

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Spicy stir-fried green beans


This feisty side dish is quick to throw together, will make your kitchen smell amazing, and is guaranteed to be devoured. Quickly. There is just something irresistibly addicting about popping these piquant garlicky beans in your mouth – just beware, they might not make it to the table!  And forget about having leftovers…serves 3-4.

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Veggie miso noodle soup for a rainy winter night


Winter is here in San Francisco…it’s pitch black by 5pm and we’re in the middle of a week of non-stop (but much needed) rain. My husband has a cold. So it is definitely the right time to curl up with a hot bowl (or three) of this comforting soup! Start with a flavorful miso broth, add lots of veggies (including fresh carrot and zucchini, daikon radish which has a wonderful mellow flavor when cooked, sweet corn and snap peas) and some nice starchy rice noodles…what’s not to love? Serves 2 hungry people as a one-bowl meal.

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