Coffee-banana breakfast energy shake

photo 2

For some reason, I am obsessed with smoothies and shakes, so you will see plenty more of them here in the future. Usually they involve fruits and/or vegetables but today I was wanting something cofee-flavored. I like the combination of coffee with the natural sweetness of banana and vanilla. Gives you an energy boost (especially if you use caffeinated coffee!) plus protein from the protein powder. I liked the result of this experiment, and my husband gave it high marks too. This makes enough for one very tall glass or two small servings.

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Birdseed cookies!

This is a recipe that dates back to college when I was living in a super-granola hippie co-op. They are vegan and super easy to make, and there is room for so many fun variations (I never make them the same way twice!). The version pictured here was made with pepitas (shelled pumpkin seeds), chocolate chips, and dried cranberries. The possibilities are truly endless.

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Quick-pickled cucumber salad

I ate waaay too much (delicious!) ice cream and greasy food over the weekend so I was craving something salad-y. Ended up with some beautiful pickling cucumbers my husband found at a farm stand on the way home. They were a little bitter, as kirby or pickling cucumbers can be, hence the quick-pickling idea as a way to make them more appealing. Traditionally this type of dish is made using white sugar, so here is my healthier version, and it’s super easy too. Pairs nicely with bbq-type food (e.g. veggie dogs or burgers, baked beans, etc).

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The end of procrastination


I’ve been obsessed with food since I was oh, about 8 years old, probably earlier. My parents and sister and extended family good-naturedly put up with many years of experimentation and crazy kitchen messes. Now I’m older (still not sure if I feel fully grown up yet) and cooking is still my creative outlet. I’m convinced it is one of the things that has kept me from losing my sanity through way too many years of school and medical training. I’m an avid food blog reader and have been fantasizing about having my own food blog for a while now. Not a super-polished one with professional-camera pics – just a casual, fun one. With delicious, veggie-glorious, healthy recipes. So here goes… 🙂